Su (Vinegar)
Original vinegar is made using underground clear water of upstream Kiso River in Gifu prefecture, that is nominated as one of the 100 best waters of Japan.

*Japanese dishes basically go well with soft water, so we’re also using soft water of the hardness less than 30. Under the philosophy of ‘best rice wine (Japanese Sake) makes best vinegar’, the factory makes vinegar by making Japanese sake from scratch following the traditional process. Mixing the vinegar above and sake less with grain vinegar which has been fermented for more than 3 years, they can bring out the best ‘flavor’ and ‘umami’ of the mixture.

Our sushi vinegar, unlike other major companies’ products, doesn’t contain ‘extract’ as flavoring. In this factory, real dashi is extracted from kelp (konbu) and bonito (katsuo) in a traditional way every day. (We don’t use any extract or additives in it.)

*We use the Japanese No.1 brand kelp from ‘利尻' (rishiri), and katsuo from No.1 sacred place of bonito, ‘枕崎' (Makurazaki). We adjust the taste and make our sushi vinegar a little sweeter to appeal to non-Japanese people around the world.

As you can see, we are very particular about the traditional and age-old production process and authentic ingredients to create the best sushi vinegar in the world. This is what makes ours different from others.